Sal Wood

Sal Wood Manufacturer

RSV Wood Industries is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Sal Wood. Sal wood is the best wood for making wooden furniture, wooden beams, and wooden frames. This wood is pretty durable. Sal wood is also resistant to fungus and termites. They are also unaffected to rot and decay. It is considered the best wood because of its strength and support. Sal wood is also used for making railway sleepers, shipbuilding, musical instruments, and construction works. It is a water-resistant manner of hardwood. It can also be used to make tempting material for staircases and flooring. Sal wood is tough, firm, rough, and less expensive. This wood is also extremely appreciated for outdoor joinery, in particular for door and window stringers, as it is resistant to decay when fully uncovered to the weather.

Sal Wood suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India
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