Director's Desk

Director's Desk

For the last three decades, RSV Wood Industries has provided the Indian construction and architecture market with the best of wood solutions and thus maximizing the value for our customers in the region. Over the years, we have witnessed consistent growth, achieved long-term success and faced challenging times as well but have always made sure to keep our team and customers happy with the work that we do. With the recent economic conditions we have shifted our focus to navigate both the global economy and the restructuring of our business and we did so with the ever-present priority to maintain our company culture.

The measure of any trading company is how well it reacts to changes in the market and in the world at large. By being located in one of the largest port regions in the country, we aim to set a prime example by constantly adapting and evolving to the volatile market trends. We take these measures from a position of financial and strategic strength, reacting to certain trends and anticipating others. The result of this continuous process is an efficient, flexible and dedicated organization. However, RSV Wood Industries will always aim to be an indispensable trade partner, a recipe that has proven successful for many years.

Our key strategic imperative now is to shift our focus in providing solutions to the end users rather than only business partners. We shall work continuously to provide our customers with service and quality products at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being the customer’s first choice, which is also our mission. When it comes to ethics and integrity there can be no compromises, no excuses. Our management team is committed to our company’s core values which are the pillars of RSV Wood Industries success for all these years. We expect that same commitment from our employees and business partners. Reliability, Security, and Value for Money – these values have defined RSV Wood Industries since the very beginning. Our commitment to these ideals are unwavering. Our vision is to deliver a customer experience second to none. And we hope to always open doors of opportunity for our valued patrons.

Manish Aggarwal,
Managing Director, RSV Wood Industries
Proud member of BNI

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