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Finger Jointed Wood Products Manufacturers

Finger Jointed Wood also known as comb joint wood is generally used for woodjoining work.Short pieces of wood are joined together with finger-joints to make larger components. The joint is kept together with glue and is made up of many meshing wedges or "fingers" of wood in two adjoining sections. Moulding and trim are two non-structural purposes. Finger joint wood offered by us is highly affordable with variety of benefits

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Making of A Door

  • Sawing: Preparing the raw wood as logs by removing the extra foliage is the first step in any wood manufacturing process.
  • Air Drying: This helps in reducing the moisture content in the wood to make it strong and sturdy.
  • Termite Treatment: Prevents the wood from getting moist and inhibiting termites.
  • Seasoning: Processing wood for making different products and designs.
  • Finishing: Polishing and shining of the finished products.
  • Packaging: Packaging products with care thus ensuring the standards and product quality are maintained.
  • Dispatch: Shipping off the products to the required recipient's address.
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