Red Meranti

Red Meranti Wood Manufacturer

We are one the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Red Meranti Solid Wood. Red Meranti is mostly used in making decorative applications, paneling, moldings, plywood, flooring, etc. Meranti is softwood; it is required for furniture and carvings and they are also used in window framings. They are considered to be less durable and thus used in the form of veneer and plywood but because of their steadiness, they can be used for a vast diversity of applications. Meranti is not used for twisting or turning as it is dent resistant. They are dried using standard methods and bonded using regular procedures. The open-grain surfaces must be filled before finishing so that it can be painted, blemished, and polished properly. It also works well on a soft surface and takes typical fittings and fastenings easily.

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